Marketiva still give free bonus $5 for new user registered

Well, Marketiva has been established at least 3-4 years ago, many have changed with this virtual online forex trading. Specially the Streamer, it has been changed and updated to the new version many times, since it use by Marketiva trader. Take a look the Streamer UI (user interface), much better and easy to use. The tab channel now more glossy than before, for noobs or newbie trader they must be have not difficulties use it.

Talk the future of Marketiva, in 2009 Marketiva still give free bonus $5 for new user registered, you also can use the Marketiva coupon to registered and make some deposit amount. I just predict, Marketiva will be survive on the global financial crisis storm this years, as long their capital not deposited on United State banks.
We all hope the Marketiva online forex trading should be exist without make scam to their members.

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