Stabilize the EVDO connection

Stabilize EVDO connection on the modem ZTE AC2726 SMART ui and Pantech PX-500

You use the SMART Modem ZTE AC2726 ui or Pantech PX 500?
Your connection is weak?
less signal?
Let's we looking for the solution, we will try to stabilize EVDO in several ways

We know lately a lot mobile phone povider - especially those who use CDMA connection - which issued a product such as the internet connection with EVDO network. the problem is..? dial up internet connection is very unstable EVDO connection.

As a connection wich use a telephone signals, the EVDO connection is certainly have a shortage. that is a very unstable signal received by the modem. consequently we greatly reduced speed, unlike according to the ads that offered by the provider. If a provider offers download speeds up to 3.2 Mbps because of the lack of signal we only get a max download speed transfer rate up to 80 kbps. wow that way from what we want? whether the provider was lying? actually not really, if you want to know about internet speed you can learn it here ..

ok back to busines...

If you use SMART ZTE AC2726 UI Modem or the Pantech PX-500 with an unstable EVDO connection, there are actually many ways to stabilize the EVDO connection, ranging from ways that are logical to the illogical way. you don't believe me? just try to search in google search.

This time I will discuss on ways to stabilize EVDO connection
we start from an illogical way .
  • Put the SMART ZTE AC2726 UI modem or Pantech PX-500 on a glass, colored glass must be clear and have no wrinkles on his side. would be better if glass half filled with water .

  • Put the SMART ZTE AC2726 UI modem or Pantech PX-500 on the monitor, put on the front right side of monitor, make sure the modem is facing the monitor diagonally.

  • If the SMART ZTE AC2726 UI modem or Pantech PX-500 suddenly arrived unstable, slide the modem into the right position for about two fingers .

  • Take a CD, make sure it silver CD and must have ever used / written, put SMART ZTE AC2726 UI modem or the Pantech PX-500 under the CD.

  • For SMART ZTE AC2726 UI modem put it upside down, with the lid open the back of the modem ..

  • Put the SMART ZTE AC2726 UI modem or Pantech PX-500 in place of the best, if not yet found a good spot, keep looking until you get the best signal. ( of course ...)
Hihihihih funny huh?
well now we will discuss ways more logical ...
  • You know the television antenna booster? Now Put SMART ZTE AC2726 UI modem or Pantech PX-500 near the television antenna booster. turn on your television and see the result, or if your computer is located away from the television, take boster antenna switch on the power of his television and put the modem on top of television antenna booster.

  • Put the SMART ZTE AC2726 UI modem or Pantech PX-500 over the pan, or commonly called a wajan bolik.

  • Use bazzoka antenna. for ways to make bazzoka antennas you can read in the article Membuat antena bazzoka.

  • The most logical way of course buy an external antenna which cost between idr 150 000 to idr 2,000,000. the more expensive of course the better acceptance of the signal.
so ...
It's up to you.. which trick you want to try..??
all worth a try, as long as we can be more stable internet ...

for tips and tricks to speed up the connection of SMART ZTE AC2726 UI modem please read the article Mempercepat Koneksi Modem SMART ZTE AC2726

hopefully the internet in Indonesia is faster and cheaper ...

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